2024 6th International Conference on Machine Learning, Big Data and Business Intelligence (MLBDBI 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

- Machine Learning

· Deep and Reinforcement learning

· Pattern recognition and classification for networks

· Machine learning for network slicing optimization

· Machine learning for 5G system

· Machine learning for user behavior prediction

· New innovative machine learning methods

· Optimization of machine learning methods

· Performance analysis of machine learning algorithms

· Experimental evaluations of machine learning

· Data mining in heterogeneous networks

· Machine learning for multimedia

· Machine learning for Internet of Things

· Machine learning for security and protection

· Distributed and decentralized machine learning algorithms

- Big Data

· Big Data Analytics

· Data Science Models and Approaches

· Algorithms for Big Data

· Big Data Search and Information Retrieval Techniques

· Big Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices

· Big Data and Deep Learning

· Scalable Computing Models, Theories, and Algorithms

· In-Memory Systems and Platforms for Big Data Analytics

· Big Data and High Performance Computing

· Cyber-Infrastructure for Big Data

· Performance Evaluation Reports for Big Data Systems

· Storage Systems (including file systems, NoSQL, and RDBMS)

· Resource Management Approaches for Big Data Systems

· Many-Core Computing and Accelerators

· Big Data Applications for Internet of Things

· Mobile Applications of Big Data

· Big Data Applications for Smart City

· Data Streaming Applications

· Fault Tolerance and Reliability

· Scalability of Big Data Systems

· Big Data Privacy and Security

· Big Data Archival and Preservation

· Visual Analytics Algorithms and Foundations

· Graph and Context Models for Visualization

· Big Data Transformation, and Presentation

- Business Intelligence

· Intelligent Computing Methodologies and Applications

· Evolutionary Computing and Learning 

· Swarm Intelligence and Optimization 

· Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition 

· Image Processing and Information Security 

· Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction 

· Business Intelligence and Multimedia Technology 

· Healthcare Informatics Theory and Methods 

· Natural Language Processing and Computingal Linguistics 

· Intelligent Computing in Robotics 

· Intelligent Control and Automation 

· Intelligent Data Fusion 

· Intelligent Agent and Web Applications 

· Intelligent Fault Diagnosis 

· Intelligent cloud-support communications

· Intelligent ressource allocation

· Intelligent energy-aware/green communications

· Intelligent software defined networks

· Intelligent positioning and navigation systems

· Intelligent wireless communications

· Intelligent wireless sensor networks